Supervision Session

From: 125.00 45 minutes

Supervision in MCT

We offer supervision for all therapists who wants to practice and learn MCT.  This is also an opportunity for MCTI registered therapists to get more supervision to continue their education or to specialise even further in MCT.

The supervision session lasts 45 minutes and you will meet a MCTI authorized  supervisor, which will guide you from whatever starting point you might have in MCT. The typical supervision session is about the practice of  doing MCT, developing case formulations and using treatment principles more effectively.  To learn and practice using a metacognitive dialogue in the treatment of the patients are often focused in supervision. MCT supervision can be provided in a series of sessions, or in just a single session. You can also ask for supervision of  several MCT supervisors, and you do not need to stick to one particular.

How it works

The supervision will be done using the secure video collaboration tool

You can select the supervisor of your choice.  The supervisors are from a variety of nationalities, but they all speak english. However, you can choose a supervisor who who is from your own country, just scroll down and choose the preferred one. You need to pay for the session in advance, which releases a receipt for you, and the supervisor will send you a link by e-mail to the ‘’ room in advance of your session. It is very simple, just click on the link in the e-mail from the supervisor when the appointment starts, and you are on.