Online Metacognitive Therapy

From: 120.00 45 minutes

Metacognitive therapy (MCT) can help you overcome anxiety or low mood by introducing you to new ways of regulating and relating to your thoughts It is supported by scientific evidence from a large number of studies and is recommended in health guidelines as a treatment for anxiety.

By using MCT you can discover how to break free of unhelpful thinking patterns that keep anxiety, depression and low confidence going. MCT provides a range of specially developed techniques that are not found in other therapies.

About the therapists: We only use MCTI registered therapists. Each therapist is a health professional and has completed 3 levels of training offered by the MCT institute.

How it works

You can select the therapist you want or if you prefer have the next available therapist assigned to you.  All therapists can speak English, but also use different languages, and you can choose a therapist who speaks a language that you prefer and a time for the session. You need to pay for the session in advance, which releases a receipt for you, and the therapist will send you a link by e-mail to the session in advance of your session. It is very simple, just click on the link when the appointment starts, log into your account, and you are on.